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If you have been following my journey online, you may have noticed that my posts, shares, and stories have been less frequent of late….and with good reason!  My team and I have been working diligently behind the scenes to improve the experience of my friends and my followers who have loyally engaged with me across several different platforms: blog, website, Instagram, and Spotify. 

And at last, we are happy to announce the end result of all of our labors:  www.tinabroccole.com where you can now engage with all of my media all under one roof!  And as part of this development, I am now going to share even more of what makes me happy, from the latest “must-haves” to whats new in my garden, wardrobe, and my latest vintage finds. Home interiors and travel will definitely be a part of the conversation as will guest appearances by Freddy & Olivia!   

As another decade of experience passes, I have learned to embrace the things that truly make me happy and to let go of those things that no longer bring me peace and joy and I am looking forward to sharing all of these things with you in the hopes that we can share our experiences together.

So please take a look around…..and know that each week I’ll be sharing snapshots of my journey, and every other week you can listen to a new episode of my podcast (be sure to subscribe!), and each month I’ll be highlighting what I’m currently loving on the Shop page.

Please tell me what you think in the comment section.  I am so excited to hear from you!

Most of all, stay well!

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