A Shearling Coat for Spring

When in winter….
Now’s the time to spruce up your coat collection. With Pologeorgis, you can rest assured that not only will your fur or shearling coat be gorgeous, but last for years to come.

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If you’ve been around a little while, you know my love for Pologeorogis runs deep. I love the quality of everything they make and have shown how to style their fur coats in a few different ways. Next, I wanted to feature a shearling coat and share the difference between the two materials.

The most distinct difference between fur and shearling is the texture. There are unique processes for creating each material. The fundamental differences lie in the production methods, contributing to the contrasting textures and appearances.

Shearling refers to the skin that has been tanned and processed with the wool left on one side. This results in a material that retains the soft, natural wool on the inner side, providing insulation and warmth, while the outer side showcases the suede finish of the leather. Shearling is also more affordable and wearable, making it a great entry point into the luxury coat market.

Unlike shearling, fur is not attached to a leather backing. Instead, it is treated and processed to create a plush and soft material. Fur coats are known for more textures, patterns, and for their luxurious appearance.

The coat I am wearing today is the Marilyn Shearling Coat, and its’ silhouette can complement any wardrobe. The combination of its length and tie waist effortlessly achieves a tailored aesthetic, ensuring a flattering look for everyone. Additionally, the coat is a gorgeous shade of forest green that not only adds warmth but also enhances its overall appeal.

What I’m wearing

This coat comes in green, black, or ivory. I chose the green because in a sea of black coats, this piece serves as a nice departure and a refreshing addition to any winter wardrobe.

Be sure to use discount code TINA15 at Pologeorgis.com to save on any of their gorgeous luxury coats, accessories, and home goods. Be sure to follow me on Instagram for more cozy fur and shearling coat looks.

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